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Osteoarthritis treatment in germany

Osteoarthritis Treatment

Corporate news announcement processed and transmitted by Hugin ASA. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. The resolution of the Common Federal Committee becomes effective on July 1st,after no objections were presented and after its announcement in the Federal Bulletin.

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These requirements are quality osteoarthritis treatment in germany documentation requirements for the membrane-covered periosteum, collagen autologous chondrocyte implantation ACI-P, ACI-C on the knee joint. Main focus of the procedure, which is the subject of this regulation, is placing the chondrocytes into the cartilage defect as a cell suspension. The resolution is not valid for matrix-associated procedures and other joints.

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However, it stressed that the ACT on the knee joint could be a reasonable and innovative method, under certain conditions. In order to obtain further clinical benefit of the method, the Common Federal Committee has set up the method assessment until June 30, Up to a final statement, however, the resolution of the Common Federal Committee allows agreements between the public health care insurance and hospitals for the budgeting of the ACT for the described range.

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With the coming into force of this resolution, legal security, that until now has been missing, is being created in the area of the medical treatment of knee joints by Tissue Engineering products. After the Europe's largest private health insurance company DKV included the reimbursement of ACT on the knee into its standard spectrum in Novemberthe public health care insurance will also reimburse the treatment of cartilage damages in the knee joint using autologous cartilage cells transplants.

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The treatment of especially young patients can prevent later osteoarthritis in knee.